In the previous post, I alluded to (repeatedly) that I tend to have lots of ideas that never get realized. While many of them will appear here over time, I thought I might start by getting a few that are running around like hamster wheels in my head right now down.

For a start, it’s important to realize that while I have a seminary degree, I am not currently employed by a church, but rather am living out my vocations as father, provider, husband, and citizen working as a barista.

While I am working on becoming a diaconal minister (deacon) in my church, it does not appear that God has that in store in the near future. One decision I will face in the near future is whether to seek a full-time ministry position, enter a PhD program, or continue to serve God in the place where I am.

For now, here are some ideas that keep popping up.  These can serve both to show you an idea where I’m coming from and start you thinking. Every one will expand and be fleshed out more fully over time here.

  • Church of the Called and Sent: A not-yet-existent congregation where the staff’s primary role is to do as little as possible in running the daily life of the church and instead equip every single member to be part of both its internal and external ministries
  • The PNW Coffeehouse (clever name pending): A not-yet-existent coffeehouse somewhere in the pacific northwest (the religious “none” zone but a great place to have honest conversations) that would be open to all but be Christian-run and provide space and resources for worship/Bible study/nonprofits/education/etc, all while serving fabulous ethical drinks and food and being above reproach in how it treats employees
  • The Japanese Coffeehouse: An even-farther-from-existent shop in a rural city like Takayama, Japan. This would look much like the PNW coffee shop, except with even more emphasis on providing educational opportunities and connecting with local (Japanese) churches.

In addition, you will almost assuredly see some of my research interests coming up here too. They include for example

  • Japanese Christianity
  • Contextual/local theology in general
  • Vocational theology (God’s callings in our lives)
  • Using statistical research to improve ministry
  • Radical and counter-cultural practice of honesty/truthfulness
  • Expanding the degree and frequency of interface between Congregations and the broader world and
  • Faithful (but not pushy) evangelizing with people(s) who don’t want to hear

Feel free to comment and ask questions about any of the ideas (or my background), as well as suggesting any which interest you particularly. Let the conversation begin.