If God is making all things new, He has chosen to bless/curse me with a penchant for considering all (or at least more than I can track) of them and whether those made new things could involve me.

For example, I entered college as a declared music pre-major.  After spending my second year in Japan (having not been willing to give up Japanese after high school either), I decided maybe I should switch to music minor and add an Asian Studies major.

As I entered my final year, I discovered the joy of sociology, and did I switch? No. Of course not; I just added not only a major but another entire degree (and year). What’s more, I ended up with a double major in seminary too.

The downside to all of this is that decisions for me take a very long time and generally involve considering a very broad range of options. On the flip side, I end up with all kinds of great ideas for things I could do or new lines of research or ways to “do church”, some of which I get written down on my computer and some of which don’t even make it that far.

But… Even the ones that get written down tend to get lost or forgotten.

So, this exists for three reasons:

  1. So I don’t forget good ideas
  2. I hope it can create some conversation around my ideas and others
  3. Maybe some of this will actually affect someone’s practice of ministry or how they live out their vocations

If reason 1 succeeds, the energy will have been worth it. If we get all the way to 2, I will rejoice.  And if, against all odds, my thoughts and ramblings actually become useful to others, then Praise the Lord.

I know the look is very basic right now; hopefully it will develop and add more features soon.  Blessings and peace as you go on your way.