Installment number two of my past writing is the most extensive and multidisciplinary of anything I have written to date.  It is my Master’s Thesis proposing/describing a Christological narrative theology of vocation for Japan.

To take that apart:

  • Christological: focused on the person, character, and power of Jesus Christ
  • Narrative: oriented around a central story or narrative
  • Theology: theory of God
  • Vocation: God’s personal call to Christians (and others) throughout their lives, including but not limited to, the spheres of home, work, church, and broader society
  • for Japan: based on and intended to function in the specific location of Japanese society and the Japanese Christian church

To put it back together in plainer English (I hope):

My thesis explores how understanding the story of their own lives as patterned after the image of Christ can help empower Japanese Christians.

Use the following link to access the thesis at Google Docs (no sign-in required):

Imago Christi and the Japanese Narrative Imagination

In the interest of fairness, I should warn that the discussion can get fairly abstract and technical at times, but I have tried very hard to always bring things back to application and reality. Hopefully, at least some of you will find interest and value in this.  If you do, please comment or email me so I know how it is being used.

If you want to see the fairly extensive footnotes, you will need to click “download” to save a copy of the full document to your hard drive. Please share the link with others but do not modify the Word document itself; This way, I know the work will remain intact and I am better able to find out how it is being used. If you have questions, visit the license page or contact me directly for more information.