Faithful Change is an idea blog – a space to throw things out there that might be crazy but just might help serve God’s mission in the earth and all of creation.

I created it as a vehicle to share my ideas and keep track of them for myself, but more than anything, I hope to see a community develop here of people who share how they feel about what’s posted and maybe even post some things themselves.

I currently sell storage for a living and spend my spare time learning and engaging others in ministry in the Pacific Northwest; if you would like to learn more, see my personal page or other profiles.

If your congregation or non-profit is seeking assistance creating theologically grounded growth and change, find out more information about Faithful Change Consulting, a no-cost opportunity to work together as part of God’s amazing mission.

You can also find information on some of my past work scattered throughout the posts, often including extensive summaries or full text. Licensing information for both blog entries and other work can be found here.

Above all, I hope that you or your community are in some way blessed by this. Peace.

Love in Christ,
Nate Porter