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I am amazed at the depth and breadth of ministry discussion that happens among Christian leaders online. A recent discussion was initiated by a friend with the status “How does your church define active membership?”* If you’re in a hurry to see what I mean, click this link to the see the entire transcript of the 64 responses on Google Docs. A little discussion of my thoughts on the opening question and some of the other conundrums follows in the rest of this post.

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Installment number two of my past writing is the most extensive and multidisciplinary of anything I have written to date.  It is my Master’s Thesis proposing/describing a Christological narrative theology of vocation for Japan.

To take that apart:

  • Christological: focused on the person, character, and power of Jesus Christ
  • Narrative: oriented around a central story or narrative
  • Theology: theory of God
  • Vocation: God’s personal call to Christians (and others) throughout their lives, including but not limited to, the spheres of home, work, church, and broader society
  • for Japan: based on and intended to function in the specific location of Japanese society and the Japanese Christian church

To put it back together in plainer English (I hope):

My thesis explores how understanding the story of their own lives as patterned after the image of Christ can help empower Japanese Christians. Continue reading

In the previous post, I alluded to (repeatedly) that I tend to have lots of ideas that never get realized. While many of them will appear here over time, I thought I might start by getting a few that are running around like hamster wheels in my head right now down. Continue reading