Philosophy and Specialties

Faithful Change Consulting, based in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, will be moving to State College, Pennsylvania this August (2011).

It is less a traditional consulting firm than an opportunity to collaborate and build upon the combination of your congregation or organization’s unique local knowledge and my specialized training in leadership, sociology, theology, and systems change. I value theologically responsible long-term solutions over quick one-size-fits-all answers, and expect that meaningful large-scale change will likely require the involvement of more than a handful of staff or council officers.

If you would like help:

  • Navigating congregational change and conflict
  • Connecting your ministry with those outside the church
  • Building dynamic inside-out lay leadership
  • Missionally reorienting your ministry
  • Bringing together diverse stakeholders in your community
  • or Creating or Refining innovative ministry ideas or grant proposals that fit the distinct gifts of your congregation

Please contact me for more information. While I am located in western Washington, I am also glad to provide feedback, ideas, and places to start for organizations based elsewhere.

I am also a certified Dependable Strengths© for Congregations facilitator.  Dependable Strengths is a personal gifts discernment workshop which draws on carefully defined “good experiences” in your own past to discover ways in which God has provided you with lifelong strengths.  Dependable Strengths workshops have been used throughout the world to help unemployed people find their callings and assist all kinds of people in becoming more fulfilled, empowered, and productive by working from their God-given strengths.  Workshops are suitable for adults, families, and 7th to 12th grade students and last from one to three days or can be spread out in 1-2 hour blocks over a period of weeks.

I am also available locally to teach classes and workshops, design and/or facilitate group processes, and preach in worship services.


“Or did I commit a sin by humbling myself so that you could be exalted, because I proclaimed the gospel of God to you free of charge?”

– 2 Co 11:7 (NET).

I make my services available at no cost to your organization, aside from any direct costs (travel, materials, etc) I incur in the process of the collaboration. Like the apostle Paul, God has provided enough for me to support myself and my family at this time through other employment. Faithful Change Consulting is a way for me to use the gifts I have been given by God and the resources that have been invested in me throughout my education and experience to create positive change, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and participate in God’s mission to bless all creation.

Now is a difficult time financially for many people. Although I, like many congregations and nonprofits, have limited financial resources to share, I hope that this collaboration can multiply our stewardship of each of our resources and calls.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please include a phone number and email in any contact so we can have a conversation about how best to support each other in our prayers and labors.

One more time, the link to the contact page is: